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Thomas Pederson AKA Nortaren Ok I have been wanting to post this for a while... I have listened a LOT to Myk's music latelty - almost exclusively, and man what an incredible talent this guy has!!! I have to say that rarely have I identified myself as much as with the style of Myk's. Love the blend of the experimental approach and how his guitars just so perfectly blends into it all. And it is all so tastefully produced...

On his site Myk writes:

"These songs are designed to be used as Incidental Music. Whether they are used in Games, TV, Film, Advertising, or whatever is neither here nor there, the simple fact is that they are not conceived to be listened to as a normal album. Without accompanying action they may seem rather repetitive or bland, I make no apologies for this."

Myk, I have to respectfully disagree. Your music works wonders as they are. As a matter of fact, I use to kick back and relax to your music. I will slowly drift away, become part of it, and let it take my mind to places I have never been to or dreamed of. No need for any visual stimulation when listening to your stuff on my end...

Now of course, this is only my humble, subjective opinion. I listen to about any style of music out there - with very few exceptions. But this stuff is truly MY kind of stuff. Myk has 24 great trax on his web site. Myk, if you picked out your top 10-12 picks you would have one hell of a CD that I would definitely be willing to pay for!!!

I know some of you have checked out Myk's site already, but here is the URL again for those of you who have missed out on this freakin awesome composer, musician, producer. It is all top notch productions IMO...

Hope you don't mind Myk...

Mark Stephens There are only Phantoms - From the GNX3 Demo CD #7 A very *melodic* work. There is a *hit* song in this tune. I hope that is not taken the wrong way... I mean it as a *positive*! Hey, even *experimental* rockers could use a *hit* song here and there, right? :-) Some of my favourite bands had a few *hits*! I don't hold it against them! ;-)

Ripples I really like the drum sound on this song. I write songs and play keys myself... Man I really *miss* the days when I had a *real* drummer and *real* band to jam with! But it is the sound of a real *drummer* that I miss the *most*. Somehow, this recording turns that whole situation upside down, embracing the sequenced nature of the drums so fully that it really *works* (for me anyway)!! How did you get the 'ripples' effect so consistent across the vocals *and* the rhythm section? I love that liquid sounding lead key patch... once again the Roland Fantom?

Terranaut Heard a number of Myk's tunes and although he has a penchant for darker stuff, this veers off into a more subtle, bluesy type piece that showcases his tone, chops, moods. Some exquisite moments near the end. Drums got a little monotonous, but the guitar is the centerpiece here. Well crafted piece.

COSMAN Phantoms
Nice stereo spread. Liquid vibe real nice. Kind of a looking out the window on a rainy day sort of feel. Very nice blend of guitars, bass, synth, everything seems to complement each other well. Great, outstanding! soloing midway.....Nice taps! I like how the clean guitar picks back up. I think overall musicianship wise this song get my #1 vote up to this point on the CD. Gave me chills so that ranks high on my scale.

On Sad Alice Phantoms
Wow!! That tugs on a few heart strings Myk!
Somewhat dark but some light showing thru all the heavy'ness!!!
You'll have to share the story with us! And how it relates to the music you composed.

Wonderful song ! Drips with emotion and some tasty playing to Man !
Re: New song ~ Sad Alice
Mike C

Very COOL Song, still very sweet.
You said "no tapping no legato no sweeping" but a song does not need it to be good ;o)
Wonderful atmosphere a bit strange in the background, I love it !

Cool tune C!!! Love your syntwork... Nice and melodic. Sometime less is more. This works out just "purrfec"...
Cheers, Thomas Pederson

Very dark. I was also expecting to hear lyrics. I like dark.
Slacker G.

On Dee Very beautiful song Mike ! Your wife should be moved very
much in her heart with this ! I thought it had sorta a Carlos
Santana feel to it.Great tone and feel. I hope you are saving
some songs for GenX 7 ! I have "Bad Dreams" still,but this woulda
been great on the cd also !
Mike C

It's a very beautiful song, the background looks like a mechanical musical machine, i love it !
So I liked the lead (many feelings).
Your wife must be happy of this song :o)
Great job man !

On Song For The Dying very cool man,thats the stuff we listen to on the job when it's time pay close attention to detail. Got any over stuff we may have already heard on the air waves? K.R.P.G.

Damn MyK, this is freakin awesome!!!!!!! Love it!!! Vey cool man!!!

Yea man! Good Stuff!!!
Norty's turning me into an electo-music junkie! LOL

Nicely done very moody... so you see its not just a "Song for the Dying" cause I'm not dying and I liked it alot ;)

Again, I love your stuff Myk. It is right down my alley!!! My fav is The AOS. Got all your tunes burnt and am listening frantically - lol. Working on a big presentation for tomorrow, and this music is perfect work music. Sort of get you in that state of trance if you know what I mean :) Every song you have put out has an important key element - a mood setting and lots of atmosphere. And dude, that Fantom rocks ;) Gotta tell you, you are at where I want to be artistically!!! Buhuuuu... LOL ;)